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History of the company

Quality and innovation for over 40 years.

The company Rinaldi srl established in 1971 by the founder Enzo, who started the activity producing woodworking tools.
The achievement of excellent results allowed to include in the production equipment for working other materials.
In the 90sthe sons joined and ledfrom their father’s enterprising spirit bring Rinaldi srl to be a worldwide producer in the field of cutting tooling ie spiral milling cutters, drills, profile  tools, gouges.
The company has an history ofover 40 years thanks to continuous investmentsin research and the utilization of quality materials.

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What we do

The company Rinaldi srl supply in Italy and all over the world tools for working with wood, metal, plastic, composite materials and equipment for special processes.
Constant technological research and utilization of hard metal and steel of the new production generation, made according to the DIN/ISO 9000 standards, allow the application of new cutting geometries together with an excellent quality product, reliability and consistency over time.
Rinaldi srl provides a careful technical support thanks to tested experience of a valid team of technicians and a fleet of last generations machines. 

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Production flow

The company Rinaldi is able to produce big quantities or even a single special tool.
Thanks to the constant renewal of production and checking machineries is able to satisfy the customer’s request from projecting of the tool through CAD system to its realization by CNC Walter grinding machines of the latest generation.
Careful checks during the production, made also by Walter machines, allows to obtain excellent cutting geometries and very precise profiles ensuring for each tool the best possible performance.
All steps beginning from projecting-construction and checking of the tool are made according to the UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 standards.